Drybar Blowouts!

I can’t believe The Drybar on West 3rd in Los Angeles has been open for a month already! It was a busy, beautiful holiday season and an incredible start for SoCal’s newest Drybar location! For you ladies interested in requesting a blowout with yours truly, my schedule is as follows!

Tuesday – Saturday 1pm – close.

If you would like a private “Dry on the fly” blowout at home outside of my shop hours please contact me for availability and pricing.

New Years Resolution: Post more hair photos to my blog! Here are a couple of blowouts I did this month!


Left: Sam, hair by Lindsay V. Right: Audra, hair by Antoine






Cheryl Cole Inspired Color w/Extensions

My client Vanessa wanted to make a change from her neutral level 4 brown and came to me with the following photo of Cheryl Cole as inspiration.

I LOVED it immediately and was excited to give Vanessa the new look she wanted! Since Vanessa wears hair extensions it important that we pick out the right colors to achieve this look, as well as the right color formulation. But lets start with the color.


For her base I used:

2 inches of TIGI Copyright Color Creative 4/2 + 1 inch /2 Violet Mix Master + 1 inch /66 Red Mix Master + 3 ounces 20 volume.


For her highlights I used:

2 inches of TIGI Copyright Color Creative 55/66 (for lift) + 1 inch /66 Red Mix Master + 3 ounces 30 volume.


After removing her old extensions and coloring her with the above formulas, this was the result…



Then I applied a full head of Donna Bella Milan Kera-link Pro Fusion extensions. 7 packs of 99J and 2 packs of Red Wine. These extension colors were a flawless match to the color formulation and blended perfectly! Check out a few photos of the finished look!

I hope to have another mini photo shoot with Vanessa soon with a curled style and possibly in natural sunlight as well. When the natural light was on Vanessa hair it was even more vibrant and radiant than captured in the photos above. I will be sure to share any new photos here!

Justine Brish: Micro Bead & Hot Fusion Extensions

Today we  transitioned Justine from wearing 16 inch tape in extensions to a combination of 18 inch micro bead and fusion extensions. Although I understand wearing tape-in extensions for temporary special occasions and shorter periods of time I felt it was not the best options for extended wear  especially on her fine, processed hair.

On Justine we installed fusion extensions in her sides, top row and around the hair line and micro bead extensions for the bulk of the back section. By doing this we ensured that she could pull her hair back and style with the most natural, undetectable bonds in the areas necessary. The choice to install most of the extensions as micro beads will allow for Justine to re-use most of her hair 2-3 times. To achieve her flawless color matching we chose the following extensions for her service:

Donna Bella Milan 18 inch straight I-Link Pro # 8 Light Chestnut Brown, #22 Light Ash Blonde, #27/613 Light Blonde with Strawberry, and #60 Platinum Blonde. We also created two panels of color on each side using Donna Bella Milan Kera-Link Pro 18 inch Straight Dark Fuxia and Teal.


Kelly: Hot Fusion Extensions

It was a pleasure meeting Kelly this week and giving her a fresh head of 18 inch Donna Bella Milan Kera-link Pro fusion extension.


To achieve this look we used about 140 strands in a mix of # 1 Jet Black and #1B  Natural Black as well as 10 Purple strands for a paneled punch of color.

Thanks again Kelly and thank you for such a nice testimonial! Much appreciated!

Words cannot explain how HAPPY I am with Lindsay’s work! Lindsay is beyond amazing at what she does and extremely talented! I received extensions and I was so impressed by not only her work but her ability to act as an actual consultant, not just a “hair stylist”. She is so much more than that! Your experience with Lindsay will be different from the moment you meet her– she is extremely trustworthy, down to earth and AMAZING at what she does. I have never been so pleased after leaving a salon. She is a professional and extremely talented. After years of visiting several salons throughout Chicago, DC and Detroit–I can honestly say I finally feel like I found a “home” :0)

Thank you, Lindsay! You are awesome !! – Kelly


Beth Lickert: Cold Fusion Hair Extensions



Super excited because today I installed my first full head of cold fusion hair extensions on my co-worker, Beth!

I LOVE the cold fusion method! After the first couple rows I really  got used to the slight variations between installing cold fusions compared to hot and really cruised. Overall timing is about the same between the two methods, however, the cold fusion method used an ultra sonic wave instead of heat  to make the keratin polymer extension tip pliable enough to attach.

Without the use of radiating heat, cold fusion extensions are more gentle on clients hair and the stylists fingers during application as well as safely attached closer to the root.

For more information on this extension method, read this article on Cold Fusion Exensions.

Patrick Brautigan: Mens Haircut

Patrick first came to see me at TLE Salon last summer but luckily he hunted me down and found me in my new location. It was a pleasure to give him this rockin’ haircut today! Hope you enjoyed your first visit to Beauty (SALON)!

Ombre Hair Color

Maybe you aren’t familiar with the term Ombre but I’m sure you have seen this hair coloring technique on celebs everywhere lately. The term Ombre means shaded or graduated in tone. When this idea is applied to hair color it describes a melting of graduated tones from roots to ends. This dark root to light end hair trend has become so popular due to its reduced need for maintenance.

When I first saw this trend pop up, I must admit, I was not a fan. However, as popularity rose I feel that hairstylist have discovered and perfected the techniques that can make this color choice a flawlessly sun-kissed look.

Here are some examples of why I disliked the Ombre at first and how those same celebs have improved the look over time:

Lacey Schwimmer:

In this photo I hated the Ombre look. Her dark root color to her light ends was too highly contrasted or at least wasn’t graduated enough. The transition is a bit abrupt and creates to much of a dividing line.





 In this later photo you can see that the dark tones really melt perfectly through the lengths of her hair. Not only is the technique better executed but the color choices and blonde toning compliment each other much better.









Drew Barrymore:

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Drew but Ekk! this Ombre was an epic fail in my opinion. I strongly disapprove of the distinctive line between dark and light that is clearly seen at eye level. The color choices aren’t awful but could be a little less brassy.







Now I think we can all agree that this is a much more flattering Ombre look for Drew. No harsh lines just smooth blended color from dark to light. I prefer the cooler tones of browns and blondes in this photo. The blonde still has a bit of warmth without looking brassy. Gorgeous blending. Major improvement!









I recently performed an Ombre technique on my client Nicole. Check out the before and after photos!

Before we started Nicole had virgin hair in a stunningly rich shade a brown at about a level 4.

Since Nicole’s natural tone was so nice I chose not to apply any color at the root which also eliminated any possible need to root maintenance.

I mixed up two colors:

TIGI Creative 7/0 + 0/88 mix masters (for control over warm tones while lifting) + 40 volume.

TIGI Ultra Lift 50/77 Ash Brown + equal parts 20/30 vol. Once again the ash was chosen to control warmth while lifting.


I began in the nape taking diagonal forward partings about an inch thick.

Using a backcombing technique I would backcomb at the root slightly then apply the Tigi Creative color about 4-6 inches from the scalp then feather the color up while leaving the first two inches natural.

Then I applied the TIGI Ultra Lift color to the ends and slightly overlapped it with the Tigi Creative color to ensure blending.

I repeated this technique up the head to the the temples, while leaving a slice of natural hair out every few sections to add a few subtle low lights.

Through the top sections I only backcombed ever other section and chose a more balayage painting technique opposite sections. Still saturating the ends with high lift and feathering the mid lengths with creative color, I then added thin highlights with the creative color a bit closer to the root and around her hair line framing her face.

Processed for 35 minutes.Shampooed and deep conditioned to help comb out the backcombing.

Blow-dried and styled.

As you can see her to the left the finished results are a beautifully sun-kissed look! The backcombing technique is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to ensure a perfect blend from roots to ends without any harsh lines!

Nicole loved her new, easy to manage color and so do I!


To get your own Ombre color, request an appointment online or call Beauty (SALON) at 248-540-0046!

Brandon Audette: Mens Haircut

My good friend Brandon came to see me today at Beauty (SALON) and I treated him to a haircut for his birthday that was this past Thursday. We were going for the disconnected, undercut look seen recently on musician, Greg Paulus, of No Regualar Play and Matthew Dear’s live band.

Greg Paulus


Greg Paulus on left.

Last time Brandon came to see me his hair on top needed to grow just a bit more to achieve this look. However, this time it was long enough. I think this might be a trend in men’s hair that we will see more of this year and I welcome it! Brandon has named this haircut “The Audette,” check it out!


For those of you who don’t know Brandon Audette, known by some formerly as Brandon Blank, he like Greg is also a musician. Brandon is a DJ in the Detroit area known for his love of slow jams and his determination to share the music that moves him with everyone around him. Check out his recent dj mix for Underland Radio on 88.7 WJCU out of Cleveland and follow him on SoundCloud.com for his latest mixes!

Kevin’s “Euro Mullet”

Cleaned up Kevin’s “Euro Mullet” today!

Was worried about Birmingham being a little further for my Detroit clients to commute but I’ve see just about all of them at Beauty now. Thanks guys! I appreciate you sticking with me and supporting me in my move. It really has been a positive new chapter in the story of my career.

Hair Model 01: Diana Zhou


As promised I will be selecting one (possibly more) hair model per month who is open and able to trust me to cut and color there hair in a style of my choosing. These models must be open to the use of bleach, permanent hair color and semi-permanent hair color INCLUDING the use of “alternative” or “punky” vivid colors. Hair models will receive this cut and color service at little (hair color expenses) or no cost in exchange for my ability to exercise creative freedoms and rights to photograph your before and after, as well as use said photographs for any online or print advertising I may do in the future. If you are interested in being considered for future hair modeling opportunities please inquire through the Contact page.


February’s Hair Model is Diana Zhou. Providing me completely unprocessed hair, or in the hair world what we call “virgin” hair,  it was a pleasure having  a blank canvas to work with! In the paragraphs below I am going to give a detailed description of the steps and products used to transform Diana’s hair from the “Before” to the “After” images! I hope you enjoy reading this and if anyone has questions about the process, please comment and I will be happy to answer!




Goldwell Silk Lift High Performance Lightener – Up to 7 levels of lift

Goldwell Silk Lift Conditioning Cream Developer – 9% / 30 volume

1 Manic Panic Rock & Roll Red

1 Manic Panic Purple Haze

1 Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink

TIGI Colour Creative (Permanent) 4V & 5V

TIGI Colour Mix Master 0/22 VV

3 color Bowls

3 TInt Brushes



Chemical Cape

Step 1: I sectioned out a horseshoe shaped section on the top of Diana’s head from what would be the recession ( or slightly above the temple) back around the crown and back up to the hairline on the other side.

Step 2: Apply a barrier cream or use conditioner as a barrier for the skin around the hair line and directly to the top layer of the hair below the horseshoe part line. This will product the hair in the bottom section and provide a stickiness so you can then lay foil on to separate the top section from the bottom.

Step 3: Mix 70 ml Goldwell Silk Lift Conditioning Cream Developer – 9% / 30 volume with 2 scoops Goldwell Silk Lift High Performance Lightener – Up to 7 levels of lift. I dropped a 1 inch section along her hairline. Then, using thin slices (about quarter inch) I applied the lightener 1/2 inch from the scalp down through the ends. Using thin sections ensures thorough even saturation for best results. Once the lightener is applied to the entire horseshoe section (except along the hairline), allow it to process until desired results are achieved. Goldwell suggests a maximum of 45 minutes. After 45 minutes only the last few sections to have bleach applied still needed a to be processed longer. I allowed the bleach to process for an additional 10 minutes. Then I rinsed the hair with cool/luke warm water; shampooed and conditioned with the Moroccan Oil Moisture line.

Step 4: Blow dry hair.

Step 5: Grab your 3 color bowls.

  • In the first, Transfer 2 ounces of Rock & Roll Red to a tint bowl.
  • In the second bowl, Transfer 2 ounces of Purple Haze and the remaining 2 ounces of Rock & Roll Red. Mix well.
  • In the third bowl, Transfer 1.5 ounces of Hot Hot Pink.


Step 6: Diana parts her hair on her right side. This color technique works best with side part styles. After parting her hair I dropped the hairline, unbleached section. This and the underneath, unbleached section will be colored last. All Manic Panic color is now applied in slices that radiate from a single point on the parting. As I followed the pattern below the foils created a circle.


  • 2 slices Hot Hot Pink
  • 4 slices Rock & Roll Red
  • SKIP 2 slices. Leave these out to be colored later.
  • 3 slices of the Purple/Red mix
  • 2 slices of Hot Hot Pink
  • 4 slices Rock & Roll Red
  • SKIP 2 slices. Leave these out to be colored later.
  • There was only a small amount of bleached hair left so I finished with 1 Hot Hot Pink Slice and 2 slices of Purple/Red mix


Step 7: Mix 1/2 tube of TIGI Colour Creative 4V + 1/2 tube of TIGI Colour Creative 5V + 1/2 tube TIGI Mix Master 0/22 VV with 2.5 ounces TIGI 30 volume cream developer. Apply this color to all remaining hair, including the roots above all foils. This color will lift her natural black every so slightly to allow for a violet shimmer.

Step 8: Process for 20-25 minutes.

Step 9: Rinse with cool/luke warm water. Again I used the Moroccan Oil Moisture shampoo and conditioner.

Step 10: I cut an asymmetrical style with graduated, angled layers.

Step 11: Blow dry with TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum.