Settling in nicely

Moving is never easy, however, I am settling into my new home of Greenpoint, Brooklyn quite nicely! I am still anxiously awaiting my temporary New York cosmetology license but am refreshing and studying for my written exam by using Salon Prep. I think it will be helpful but I am a bit disappointed because I was under the impression that the study materials were based on each individual states guidelines. It’s not. Helpful none the less.

In other news, I have an appointment to have my hair colored tomorrow at Mousey Brown Salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. One of the hardest thing for a hairstylist to do is trust another hairstylist with their hair but the time has come and this must be done! In preparation for my big move I was so concerned with accommodating my clients one last time that I did not give myself a chance to get refreshed! Oh well, this will give me the opportunity to check out a neighborhood salon and chat with a local professional.

I have also been considering expanding my undercut and found Manetamed Barber Salon. Another local Williamsburg spot that focuses solely on haircutting, including designs. Half head designs listed at $30 and whole head designs listed at $40. I think that it is definitely worth checking out! They also happen to be hiring at the moment. Two birds, one stone? Maybe, we’ll see!


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