Cheryl Cole Inspired Color w/Extensions

My client Vanessa wanted to make a change from her neutral level 4 brown and came to me with the following photo of Cheryl Cole as inspiration.

I LOVED it immediately and was excited to give Vanessa the new look she wanted! Since Vanessa wears hair extensions it important that we pick out the right colors to achieve this look, as well as the right color formulation. But lets start with the color.


For her base I used:

2 inches of TIGI Copyright Color Creative 4/2 + 1 inch /2 Violet Mix Master + 1 inch /66 Red Mix Master + 3 ounces 20 volume.


For her highlights I used:

2 inches of TIGI Copyright Color Creative 55/66 (for lift) + 1 inch /66 Red Mix Master + 3 ounces 30 volume.


After removing her old extensions and coloring her with the above formulas, this was the result…



Then I applied a full head of Donna Bella Milan Kera-link Pro Fusion extensions. 7 packs of 99J and 2 packs of Red Wine. These extension colors were a flawless match to the color formulation and blended perfectly! Check out a few photos of the finished look!

I hope to have another mini photo shoot with Vanessa soon with a curled style and possibly in natural sunlight as well. When the natural light was on Vanessa hair it was even more vibrant and radiant than captured in the photos above. I will be sure to share any new photos here!

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