Refinery 29′s Hair Braiding Tutorials

The Beach Braid  has provide us with a brillant step by step photo instructional to style this cascading, braided look! Click HERE to view the full tutorial!
















 The Faux Braided Updo

What appears quite complicated is actually much easier to accomplish than meets the eye! This “braids” are actually twists making this a look that anyone can create! Click HERE to look at the step by step photos provide by!

Hair Extension FAIL!

I was shopping at the beauty supply store this morning, which you have to be a licensed cosmetologist to shop at, when I got in line behind the pictured salon professional.

Now I have seen some bad extensions but really!? You call yourself a professional and you leave the house thinking that looks ok?

PLEASE, ladies don’t let this be you! I can’t be for sure but it looks like she may just be wearing clip-in extensions and not enough of them to look natural. Consult a professional and request photo examples of their work before ponying up the big bucks! Even if you are interested in purchasing a full set of clip in extensions, a extensions specialist can advise you on what you will need to accomplish your desired look. Also, not everyone has natural hair that will blend with the clip in extension set. Schedule and appointment with your stylist to have your hair and the extensions trimmed blended to match your desired look!

Cheryl Cole Inspired Color w/Extensions

My client Vanessa wanted to make a change from her neutral level 4 brown and came to me with the following photo of Cheryl Cole as inspiration.

I LOVED it immediately and was excited to give Vanessa the new look she wanted! Since Vanessa wears hair extensions it important that we pick out the right colors to achieve this look, as well as the right color formulation. But lets start with the color.


For her base I used:

2 inches of TIGI Copyright Color Creative 4/2 + 1 inch /2 Violet Mix Master + 1 inch /66 Red Mix Master + 3 ounces 20 volume.


For her highlights I used:

2 inches of TIGI Copyright Color Creative 55/66 (for lift) + 1 inch /66 Red Mix Master + 3 ounces 30 volume.


After removing her old extensions and coloring her with the above formulas, this was the result…



Then I applied a full head of Donna Bella Milan Kera-link Pro Fusion extensions. 7 packs of 99J and 2 packs of Red Wine. These extension colors were a flawless match to the color formulation and blended perfectly! Check out a few photos of the finished look!

I hope to have another mini photo shoot with Vanessa soon with a curled style and possibly in natural sunlight as well. When the natural light was on Vanessa hair it was even more vibrant and radiant than captured in the photos above. I will be sure to share any new photos here!

She by So Cap USA

I am excited to announce that I will be participating in a training and certification class on June 4, 2012 with She by So Cap USA.

As many of you know, my specialty is in hair extensions. I have been fortunate to learn and advance my skills through in salon training. However, after 3 years of providing hair extension services I have decided it would be beneficial to me and my career to have a formal training and documented certification to further perfect my services and offer potential clients with the confidence in choosing a certified hair extension technician. I trust that this will help advance my career and build my business. I also believe this is the first step in fulling my career goal of working as an extension educator myself.

Follow this link to find out more about She by So Cap USA  and their products!

Get This Celeb Inspired Look!

Bright colored extensions are being worn by celebrities everywhere you look these days. Below, American Idol contestant Skylar Laine, adds just a few Fuxia extensions for a pop of color!


Selena Gomez has been spotted rockin’ a few different color variations. My favorite blue and purple combination is shown below and can be achieved with just 10 extension pieces!



Above: Carry underwood is wearing pink extensions that are fun and flirty with her blond locks. Pastel pinks are also also a nice choice for a softer look with blondes! This look can be achieved with 10-20 extensions. Below: I love Katy Perry’s choice to mix and match multiple colors to create this almost My Little Pony inspired look! You could have this look too with about 20 extensions!


Come see me to get this celeb inspired look for as little as $40! More information here!