Beth Lickert: Cold Fusion Hair Extensions



Super excited because today I installed my first full head of cold fusion hair extensions on my co-worker, Beth!

I LOVE the cold fusion method! After the first couple rows I really  got used to the slight variations between installing cold fusions compared to hot and really cruised. Overall timing is about the same between the two methods, however, the cold fusion method used an ultra sonic wave instead of heat  to make the keratin polymer extension tip pliable enough to attach.

Without the use of radiating heat, cold fusion extensions are more gentle on clients hair and the stylists fingers during application as well as safely attached closer to the root.

For more information on this extension method, read this article on Cold Fusion Exensions.

2 thoughts on “Beth Lickert: Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

  1. see you Thursday
    i’m addicted to my extensions…looking for some bold color contrast
    maybe brown & reddish blonde as well as my blonde
    thanks for making me prettty

  2. Oooh that sounds fun! We’ll see what we can do about dying the hair for the color variations this time. The we can look at color swatches and order you your own hair in the perfect shades for next time!

    For the record, you were beyond beautiful before the extensions!

    See you tomorrow,
    <3 Lindsay

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