Extension Guide: Pre-tipped Keratin Fusion VS Custom Fusion

There are so many factors in deciding which of the two methods I provide is best for you. In this blog I am going to do my best to lay it all out there for you including pros and cons to both methods and explaining why I charge different prices for each method.


Donna Bella Milan Kera-link Pro pre-tipped Keratin Fusion Extensions (Hot Fusion)


  • Stronger, longer lasting bonds with no slippage or shedding. As long as you don’t have a short top layer, I have clients who have worn their extensions for 4 months without losing a single piece.
  • High quality 100% human hair comparable to Great Lengths and Ultrastrands and in my opinion, better quality than So-Cap and Lox at a LOWER COST. Donna Bella 18 inch hair cost $38.75/20 pieces and 22 inch hair cost $50/20 pieces. Compared to other companies 18 inch hair often starts at $50 per pack.
  • Most clients need 3/4 head of extensions for length and thickness. Most clients do not need to go all the way up and this also allows for your natural hair to lay over and cover the extension bonds. 3/4 head stops around the temple area and consists on average of 140-160 individual extensions. At 18 inches, 160 pieces  is equivalent to 8 (20 piece) packs. 8 X $38.75 = $310 average cost of hair
  • Initial hair cost is slightly more for keratin fusion extensions but actually cost less because it lasts twice as long.
  • Since I do not have to make these extensions by hand my time is cut in HALF.  As we all know, TIME IS MONEY and therefore my service cost for keratin fusion extensions is $150 Less.
  • Since the Donna Bella Milan hair is sold in packs of 20 extensions and offered in 36 different colors (18 inch) and 13 different colors (22 inch) clients have the ability to mix and match colors for a multidimensional color at the same price as if you were a solid color.
  • Donna Bella offers FREE shipping on orders over $125.
  • If you are in a hurry to get this service done and my schedule always for your appointment, you may chose to pay for your hair to be shipped over night.

CONS (pre-tipped keratin Fusion)

  • If you have a shorter hair style and/or are just looking to add thickness that does not require 18 inch or longer hair, the excess hair will be cut off and wasted.
  • Kera-link pro pre-tipped extensions only come in one size, 1 gram per individual extension. If you have very thin, fine hair the Kera-link extensions can be cut in half but if you already have thick hair and are just looking for the longest thickest hair you can get the pre-tipped extensions limit the amount of hair you can apply. For example a 3/4 head of Kera-link extensions takes about 160 strands equal to 160 grams. Now compare this to a client of mine who I custom make each strand thicker than the pre-tipped kera-link extensions. We purchase 2 bundles of hair and make about 100 pieces. Even though I put 60 more kera-link extensions than the custom fusions, the weight of two bundles is approximately 227 grams and therefore results in thicker hair.
  • A tool is used to melt the keratin bond directly to your hair. This is completely safe on your hair when used appropriately by a licensed professional. However, if your hair is damaged and very fine it is then more fragile and susceptible to damage of direct heat. In this case, custom fusion extensions may be a better option for you.

Princess Hair Custom Fusion Extensions (Hot Fusion)


  • Completely customized to each clients hair (fine to coarse and thin to thick).
  • Available in 14 inch, 18 inch and 22 inch straight and various wavy and curly textures.
  • You get more hair, by weight, for the money. This means you either get more pieces (leaving some left to use toward your next service) or the ability to make each strand thicker if your natural hair allows for the extra weight. By using this method I can double the amount of hair in an individual pre-tipped Donna Bella extension. The end result of this is even thicker, fuller, more voluminous hair!
  • No direct heat. Adhesive is applied to hair with a special gun. No iron tool comes in direct contact with your natural hair.

CONS (Custom Fusion Extensions)

  • Hair is purchased in bundles opposed to packs of 20. This means you are limited to how many different colors you want in your hair because will need to buy an entire bundle for each color. To do a full head of extensions 1.5-2 bundles are required allowing you to chose 1-2 colors. However if you wanted a third color, you would need to purchase a third bundle costing you an additional $100-$170 depending on the length.
  • Since this hair is not factory pre-tipped and I will be custom hand-making each individual extension it nearly doubles the time. I set aside time in my schedule to make your hair before you arrive to have them put in. I charge $150 extra for this method to cover the time and bonding materials used to make  the extensions.
  • I required a hair deposit to be made for the total cost of your hair 1 week in advance. This ensures that I am able to go purchase your hair for you and fit the hair making time into my schedule prior to the service.
  • These bonds are more flexible but tend to breakdown over time. Use of oils and conditioners at the scalp and near the bonds will start to loosen your bonds and eventually cause slippage or shedding if you are not careful. These bonds can be worn out for 2-3 months (pre-tipped keratin last longer) but clients often come every 4-6 weeks to have “fills.” A fill is a term used for a service where I remove the extensions along your hair line and the highest row as well as any extensions that are visibly breaking down more, are slipping, or shedding. Then I replace those extensions with new ones. This ensures that your hair is fresh and always looking its best. Since your extensions grow out with your hair and your extensions might become visible as they grow out, it is important to replace these pieces on top and around your hair line to ensure that you are keeping your bonds hidden and undetectable.  Even though the pre-tipped keratin extensions last longer some extensions on top might need to be touched up after a couple months of growth if the clients natural hair is shorter or very thin on top.

Comparing Average Cost

3/4 Head 18 inch pre-tipped keratin fusion                                                                  3/4 Head 18 inch Custom Fusion

Hair = $310                                                                                                                             Hair = $270 (1-2 colors)

Service = $300                                                                                                                        Service = $450

Total = $610  (lasts 3-4 months)                                                                                       Total = $720 (lasts 2-3 months)

* Wearing extensions longer than my recommended time increases the risk of damaging your natural hair *

***Coming Soon***


Cold fusion is a new method, and is meant to be gentle for the hair. This method uses a keratin-based polymer to attach extensions to the root. As this method uses no heat, it is good for fine or thin hair. The polymer offers more flexibility than hot-glue, and results in more natural-feeling hair.

Cold Fusion bonding uses ultrasound waves that are transformed into mechanical energy. The vibration caused by the ultrasound energy is directed only to the area where the 100% keratin tip of the extension meets the client’s natural hair. This vibration crystallizes the bond, forming a strong, invisible and long-lasting hold. This occurs without using any heat, which can cause damage to the hair or a weaker and more visible bond.

The earlier hot fusion method, requires a special heated tool known as a hot fusion connector to melt the bond into the hair for it to adhere securely. The tool will not allow for extension to be added near the scalp due to the heat. With cold fusion, however, the bond is attached with a polymer that isn’t affected be heat. Cold fusion will allow for addition of extensions in the front of the head. With cold fusion, you can wash and style your hair as you normally would.

Other benefits include adding more volume to thinning hair. Women experiencing alopecia can now have hair extensions bonded directly to their fragile and thinning hair, effectively filling out scalp with beautiful real hair. In addition, topical hair re-growth solutions such as minoxidil can still be applied without concern.

One especially wonderful benefit of this new cold fusion technology due to its ability to bond very close to the scalp, is helping chemotherapy patients feel like themselves again, while looking more normal. Hair extensions can be bonded to the short and newly re-growing hair of people who have undergone chemotherapy, giving them a full head of real hair without the use of uncomfortable and noticeable wigs.

This Cold Fusion method will be available with pre-tipped AND custom fusion extensions. The hair options remain the same, but for an additional $50 the ultrasonic cold fusion tool will be used to apply the hair for stronger, longer lasting bonds that is better for your hair.  The main reason people chose to wear micro bead or micro link extensions over fusion is because of the NO HEAT factor. But the micro beads can often slip and/or shed and can often be bothersome when brushing. The Cold Fusion method does use heat but it only produces heat when the tool is closed on the bond for the 3-5 seconds that it requires. Once released and when not in use the tool is cold. This is much safer for both the stylist and client. The heat is much more direct and the bond cools faster allowing for a faster application closer to the scalp.

2 thoughts on “Extension Guide: Pre-tipped Keratin Fusion VS Custom Fusion

    • Inches would refer to the length of the hair not the amount you would need. Depending on where you buy the hair from it may be sold in some lengths and not others. I would say 18 inch length is the most popular. At that length it would fall around your bra strap on your back. 22 inch hair typically fall at the small of your back.

      To know how many individual strands you would need, consult a professional in person so that they can evaluate the density of your natural hair as well as the current cut to determine how many would be needed to blend naturally.

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